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Crystal Growing Magnets

Since the Advent of the magnetic Czochralski method (MCZ), grower manufacturers from around the world have seen the need for high quality CUSP and Transverse magnets for their grower systems. This is where Alpha Magnetics has risen above the rest in producing high quality magnet systems for the major crystal grower companies around the world. Alpha Magnetics and our technical advisory staff provide solutions for advanced silicone growing applications utilizing our conventional, superconducting CUSP and Transverse field electromagnet systems. Alpha Magnetics has supplied magnets for 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm crystal growing furnaces. Each customer may incorporate unique dimensional and field strength parameter requirements in accordance with their own specifications. Alpha’s designs are currently providing highly reliable operation in silicon crystal production environments throughout the world.

Alpha Magnetics is proud to provide the first self-contained superconducting electromagnet for advanced crystal growing furnaces, resulting in high quality crystal products. The Alpha superconducting electromagnet system offers maintenance-free operation, and minimal power consumption.